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Raincheck is a online-to-offline (O2O) trade platform which enables retail brands to monitor and influence online merchandise discovery to bodily, in-store earnings. On the consumer end, Raincheck stage permits them to supply for products on the internet and be informed — in a relevant period — if the item is offered in local stores. Simultaneously, customers will be informed of different offers and benefits that’s presently relevant to them.
Raincheck intends to make a finish the O2O loop by simply incorporating a decentralized peer reviewed (P2P) devotion and payment system in their present trade platform. The best purpose is to achieve all information points and stakeholders inside the online-discovery along with offline-purchasing loop.

Though It’s easy to collect consumer behavioral information on the internet, present technology prevents information to be gathered after users leave the Internet Shop
* Broken Client Insights:The present loyalty programs are facing obvious flaws; the majority of individuals don’t utilize their devotion points because they might never collect enough points to get a rewarding benefit. Furthermore, loyalty applications can accrue substantial obligations to companies.
We asked a few essential questions regarding RainCheck according to a number of metrics. Take a Look at the meeting under:
Raincheck intends to supply customers with a personalized buying experience whilst allowing companies to measure digital advertising spend offline, even where many sales happen. This is reached via their patent-pending trade platform which enables companies to monitor online-to-offline revenue cycle and enables card-linking loyalty capacities for consumer ‘s debit/credit cards.

Card-linking is a procedure of linking users up obligations cards (debit/credit cards) right to a retailer ‘s loyalty application, electronic provide and also cash-back bonuses.
The Raincheck system is split into 10 interconnected modules which could function on multiple cases, with each module being so receptive as you can to enable wide third party approval. Now, it’s necessary to see that the Raincheck platform employs a centralized arrangement as it utilizes Amazon’s AWS Cloud server. The integration of blockchain performance comes in another step, which can be about the payment processing system.
So as to successfully connect offline revenue data with internet information, data concerning the payment systems will need to be incorporated into the general framework.

This token-based method will catch the offline-to-online data which is available at merchandise (SKU) level in contrast to the merchant-level, which formerly was infrequent. Here’s a good illustration:
Tokenizing charge card information and incorporating it to some conventional Client Relationship Management (CRM) system could make a more personalized method for end customers. This is the way the token-based system will probably operate in the larger scheme of things:
The core operation of this Raincheck platform enables monitoring, measuring and fulfilling users from internet product find to bodily, in-store buying. Here are the benefits that stakeholders will profit Utilizing the Raincheck system:
Decision Users: Consumers may utilize Raincheck’s free service to be rewarded with simply finding online products and purchasing them in a later period (both online or bodily stores ) via refunds, reductions and cash-backs
* Retail Firms: Firms would have the ability to assemble critical consumer behavior information from O2O earnings which formerly would have been informative, which could currently be utilised in their advertising investigation.
* Transaction Processors: The likes of Paypal and also Stripe can currently catch offline earnings based on internet discovery and raises their earnings channels through charging or commissions fees through the O2O cycle
The Raincheck system is going to be composed of the present centralized trade platform (fueled by AWS host ) using a decentralized part that’s the Loyalty & Rewards system that’s constructed around the Stellar Network.

Here’s the technical summary of Raincheck’s stage:
* Patent-Protected Technology: Raincheck ‘s tech is presently patent-pending and once allowed, will function as a powerful moat to discourage opponents in a profitable sector.
This usually means that the whole data point from if an internet merchandise is found to if it’s bought in an offline shop could be accumulated and used.
His experience in cellular and mobile software is a natural match to the company. William Lin (CTO) heads the specialized conclusion, together with experience in cloud established backend and backend maturation of internet platforms and cellular programs. Even though Raincheck’s site and whitepaper cites William’s experience in machine learning, artificial intelligence and blockchain approaches, there’s not any sign of these skills according to his past operating experience. The company end is led by Peter Bremner, that has powerful corporate and government connections from his recognized company history.

Raincheck comes with a extensive collection of advisers with experience in every technical layer of their Raincheck platform, in the tech side into the side. Leveraging the experience of some wide-array of specialists from the technical and business aspect is almost always a fantastic indicator.
They comprise a pilot application, mobile programs, browser extensions and also extensions that they ‘ve attained. 1. Pilot Program
Raincheck has engaged in a pilot master in the stage in 2017. The 6-month pilot stage in Australia found 6 merchants minding Raincheck’s platform. The approximate amount of consumers have been 2,675.

The pilot program discard several intriguing insights that encouraged Raincheck’s theory that individuals would store online products that they ‘re found to get a later stage in the long run. Additionally, it revealed the physical shop signifies the most essential channel of earnings acquisition for retail manufacturers. 2. Mobile Program
The quantity of testimonials is inadequate to get a plausible conclusion because the program has obtained a restricted review speed, which might be easily manipulated. The set up rates, and it is a much better index of consumer reception appears to indicate minimum grip, together with all the Google play shop gaining just 500 matches. Considering that the paunch of the cell program in 2016, it appears to signify lacklustre grip among users. 3. Mobile Extensions
Raincheck has additionally developed browser extensions because of its program, either in Chrome web shop and Apple’s Safari.
Chrome’s variant has just collected 44 users of Raincheck’s program, which is very tiny. This isn’t a fantastic index of Raincheck’s grip. 4. Awards
Below are the accolades They ‘ve obtained:
Awards are unquestionably a positive indication of a solid project idea. Winning many awards from prominent associations places Raincheck a step before several ICOs who haven’t attained this degree of recognition.

35 percent of the complete pre-mined source of Raincheck’s native Assets will be dispersed in the ICO. That is a comparatively lower allocation in contrast to additional ICOs, which often allocates up of 50 percent of the token distribution to the ICO. Fortunately, Raincheck is clear about its own token distribution breakdown.

* Gains Pool: Leftover ICO tokens will probably be moved to the pool, and this can be utilized as to benefit involvement from the ecosystem and marketing of Raincheck. There’ll even be a token-burning mechanismwhere RainCheck will occasionally buy back and burn off RAIN tokens with the gain generated in the O2O purchasing and international trade Enterprise
It’ll be exceedingly difficult for Raincheck to reach their hardcap awarded the condition of the marketplace.
Raincheck will comprise its utility token that’s named RAIN, which can be utilized as the most important money over the Raincheck platform. Users will need to own RAIN tokens to get the assortment of functions and services on the stage. Here would be the use-cases to get RAIN Ignore:
Moreover, the burning system used by Raincheck into buy-back and burn off RAIN utilizing operational gains would serve to boost RAIN’s long duration worth given its source will occasionally decrease.

Raincheck has a very long track record compared to the vast majority of ICO jobs. It had been set up back in 2014 and has since introduced its stage in 2016.
* Initial Online-to-Offline Commerce Option: Raincheck has produced an end-to-end alternatives to catch offline retail information together with internet customer information, which might prove valuable to manufacturers and companies in realizing their customers more.
This concentrate on scalability is critical in ensuring Raincheck’s platform may scale more trades in a workable method.
* Track Record:Raincheck was working for around 4 decades, which places it in the greater percentile of ICO jobs using a track record along with a functioning product.
Decision Accolades: Raincheck has gained many awards and recognition from notable establishments like VISA and Accenture to their job, and it is a fantastic indication of commendable project design.

* Centralized Core System: Raincheck’s heart process is constructed in an AWS, dedicated server together using all the decentralization aspect coming out of its devotion & rewards stage. Since its heart process is concentrated, it’s vulnerable to different dangers that might be rectified with a immune system.
* Small Traction:Considering signs of grip through mobile browser and application expansion downloads, the amounts are modest considering Raincheck has established them at 2016. This can be a indication of bad user fascination towards Raincheck’s alternatives.
* Small Hype: There appears to be restricted resources and books surrounding the potential consequences of Raincheck’s options, which may significantly enhance trade Market
Raincheck supplies a workable alternative in bridging the internet commerce world to your physiological, on-the-go sales cycle which may prove valuable to retail companies which are leaning towards a much more data-centric strategy in realizing the customers. Even though Raincheck’s decentralized dedication system and token-based construction, the last bit of an entire online-to-offline trade solution could eventually be in the method of its business.