Palm Beach Research Group has established a brand new advertising and marketing effort for its own financial email book, The Palm Beach Letter. The advertising effort refers to an “investment of the decade” seen by Teeka Tiwari.

In “The Investment of the Decade” report, Teeka lists three block-chain tech businesses that are anticipated to catch a piece of their block-chain industry since it develops by 295,000% in the next several years.

What is the so-called “investment of the decade”? Only weeks ahead of the infamous Jetinar has been placed to come to pass, Teeka Tiwari’s Investment of this Decade is creating buzz at the cryptocurrency and also blockchain world as a result of his previous history of proven success in picking winners that proceeded to article gains that are exceptional. Read once we explain all you want to learn concerning Palm Beach Research Group’s brand new “Investment of the Decade” report.

What is The Investment of this Decade?

Palm Beach Research Group has released a new report on the web referred to as The Investment of this Decade.

If you donate to The Palm Beach Letter now, you’ll be given a complimentary copy of the record – in addition to other bonus accounts like Crypto Income Quarterly.

The Investment of this Decade is obviously 3 divisions: the report clarifies three “must-own assets ” which is required to see monumental profits within the next several years.

All 3 assets recorded in The Investment of this Decade are linked into an industry that Teeka predicts “Genesis”. Teeka anticipates this business to increase 295,000% within the forthcoming years:

“The invention I’m going to share with you today-which I refer to as “Genesis”, for a comprehension that will become clear shortly-is set to grow 32 times more than 5G. ”

Teeka asserts that a few of America’s biggest corporations have spent in this “Genesis” tech. He clarifies the way Warren Buffett is among those universe top backers of Genesis, also that Apple recently received two patents for both Genesis.

In this analysis, you’ll learn this mysterious “Genesis” tech is only block-chain. Teeka Tiwari is a major believer in and block-chain. He anticipates that the technology to develop tremendously over the next several years.

In The Investment of this Decade, Teeka stocks his high three block-chain tech businesses. Each provider is likely to catch a major piece of their block-chain marketplace in the next several years. As stated by Teeka, purchasing those organizations today is similar to purchasing Amazon or Google until the Dot Com boom.

Why Does Teeka Expect Massive Growth in Blockchain?


Blockchain isn’t a secret technology. We’ve been hearing about blockchain and bitcoin for years. So why does Teeka believe the industry has a lot more room to grow?

Teeka Tiwari believes blockchain has “diverse and wide ” uses across multiple industries. Some of the specific areas where blockchain can improve include:

  • Modernizing the $217 trillion real estate industry
  • Combating the $1.7 trillion in counterfeit goods sold each year
  • Improving the electoral voting system
  • Reducing healthcare costs
  • Securing the food supply

Food companies are using blockchain to trace food from its origin to its final destination, for example, helping them track ingredients all the way to the finished product. Retailers are using blockchain to separate real and counterfeit goods.

Teeka also describes how major financial industries are “all-over blockchain “. He describes how the Depository Trust Clearing Corporation (DTCC), for example, just moved $10 trillion onto the blockchain.

Clearly, Teeka believes there’s huge potential in blockchain technology.

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What is The Palm Beach Letter?

The Palm Beach Letter is an alternative financial newsletter published by Palm Beach Research Group.

The newsletter is promoted online with huge claims about the earning potential for investors. If you want to obtain rich quick with minimal risk, then Palm Beach Research Group may have the investment advice you need.

Palm Beach Research Group claims their model portfolio has performed extremely well over the last few years:

“Since 2011, The Palm Beach Letter’s model portfolio has recently played second-to-none… averaging 89 percent each year. ”

Tiwari also claims the returns have got even better after all he took over the portfolio in 2016, averaging 154% per year.

By subscribing to The Palm Beach Letter, you’ll gain access to this model portfolio. You will also receive regular email newsletters with the latest financial advice, marketplace movements, and asset tips.

Who is Teeka Tiwari?


Teeka Tiwari is a financial analyst currently working for Palm Beach Research Group. He has a background in banking.

Tiwari serves as editor of The Palm Beach Letter. He also publishes Palm Beach Confidential, which is a crypto-focused email newsletter.

Tiwari made headlines across the bitcoin community for his “5 coins for $5 million” prediction. As you see in The Investment of the Decade report, Tiwari is a big believer in crypto and blockchain technology.

What’s Included with The Palm Beach Letter?

As part of the new promotion, your subscription to The Palm Beach Letter comes with a handful of bonus reports – including the blockchain report, The Investment of the Decade. Here is what’s included with the new subscription:

  • One year subscription to The Palm Beach Letter
  • Bonus Report #1: The Investment of the Decade: Three Must-Own Stocks that Will Power Blockchain’s 295,000% Revolution
  • Bonus Report #2: Blockchain “Moonshots”: Three Chances to Turn $1,000 into $1.6 Million
  • Bonus Report #3: The Davos Manifesto
  • Bonus Report #4: The Private Deals Bible: How to Get Outsized Gains from Tiny Investments
  • Bonus Report #5: How to Own a Fleet of Classic Cars for as Little as $50 Each

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Final Word

Teeka Tiwari has published a report called The Investment of the Decade. In the report, Teeka stocks his three best blockchain assets. Teeka believes these assets will grow significantly over the coming years as blockchain continues to grow.

To obtain access to Genesis Technology investment insights and The Investment of the Decade report, you’ll need to subscribe to Teeka Tiwari’s Palm Beach Letter email newsletter.