KuCoin review

How To Use, Trade and Sign Up to KuCoin Exchange

KuCoin is a favorite new cryptocurrency market founded with a set of block-chain tech experts. Discover all you want to know concerning KuCoin now inside our review.


  • Hong Kong-based crypto market started in 20 17
  • Mobile and background
  • Multiple purchase forms Throughout the Array of Unique Cryptocurrencies

Deposit Methods

  • USD
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Visa and Mastercard


  • Hundreds of Cryptocurrency pairs
  • Developed by seasoned Blockchain tech specialists
  • Futures Trading


  • Limited regulatory supervision


KuCoin is really a Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency market famous because of the competitive trading prices, KCS nominal returns, and adaptive regulatory frame. KuCoin may possibly be probably the most quickly-built market in crypto history: that the team supporting KuCoin constructed in May 2017 and from August 20 17, after a angel investing around, the market was prepared to launch. kucoin-exchange-review

The team supporting KuCoin carries a set of block-chain technology experts from leading names such as Ant Financial, Youling, Jianbang Communication, along with iBOX Pay. The aim was to produce a cheap, userfriendly cryptocurrency market when offering a secure trading environment for both beginner and advanced traders alike.

Today, KuCoin has exploded to become one among the leading 50 or even 60 largest cryptocurrency trades worldwide. The market many well-known pairs comprise its KuCoin Shares (KCS), Tether (USDT), Bitcoin (BTC), and also Ethereum (ETH) pairs. ) KuCoin Shares have been exchange-based Assets as well as the indigenous currency of this KuCoin crypto market. Like a KuCoin token holder, then you’re qualified to get some of most trading commission earnings earned by the market.


KuCoin maintains a surprisingly modest part of its trading revenue: only 10 percent of trading earnings over the KuCoin platform extends towards the business. 50 percent of trading commission earnings are routed to KCS dividend holders, whereas the remaining 40 percent is distributed to clients via the Invitation Bonus (i.e. referral bonuses). Few different trades send 90 percent of trading commission revenue instantly to users.

Another improvement of KuCoin is its own surprisingly inexpensive cost arrangement. It costs nothing to create a deposit, and also many trading fees are only 0.1 percent. You’ll cover small withdrawal fees which vary medially cryptocurrencies.

The KuCoin maybe your port very similar to many other major exchanges. There are conventional trading graphs and charts. It is possible to pick from various marketplaces and trade types. KuCoin also has a tendency to have significantly more coins in the ordinary exchange. From the KuCoin white-paper, the team said they desired to list 50 coins over 4 weeks of launching. That goal was met, and now, over a hundred cryptocurrencies are recorded on the stage in total.

We also love KuCoin’s security: that the market has not suffered any significant security breaches, hacks, or even statistics flows – slightly not one that we know. Obviously, KuCoin is more affordable than many trades, therefore we are able to ‘t speak to the exchange’s long-term security record, but early signs are promising.

Overall, KuCoin lacks the reputation, regulation, and transparency of leading exchanges but has slowly gained deal volume over the years due to its competitive fee structure and diverse range of cryptocurrency pairs.

Key Features

Key features of KuCoin include:

Multiple Order Types: KuCoin offers limit, stop, post only, and other order types across hundreds of cryptocurrency pairs.

Futures Contract Trading: KuCoin offers a perpetual BTC/USD futures contract with up to 10x leverage through its KuMEX exchange.

KuCoin API: KuCoin’s APIs make it easy to integrate the exchange into your existing setup.

Low Fees: KuCoin charges fees of just 0.1%, making it one of the cheapest cryptocurrency exchanges on the internet today.

Supported by Institutional Investors: KuCoin completed an angel investing round in August 2017. Today, KuCoin’s website lists IDG Capital and Matrix Partners as its two main investors.

Mobile Apps: KuCoin offers mobile apps for iOS and Android. You can trade on-the-go, view account information, and perform other tasks all through your phone.

KuCoin Shares and Dividends: KuCoin Shares (KCS) token holders earn returns from 50% of trading fees on the platform. The more KCS tokens you hold, the more returns you’ll earn.

100 Cryptocurrencies: KuCoin has listed a surprising number of cryptocurrencies. 100 cryptocurrencies are listed on the exchange, including major store leaders and smaller, more obscure cryptocurrencies.

Cheap Trading Fees: KuCoin has a flat and simple trading fee structure where you pay 0.1% per trade. KuCoin doesn’t follow with a maker/taker fee version like the majority of other exchanges.

Discounts Available on Trading Fees: KuCoin Shares (KCS) Platinum Cardholders do not merely get returns throughout the system, but however they also obtain a reduction trading price. KuCoin’s trading prices are cheap (0.1percent ), and also KCS Platinum Cardholders can lessen the fee up to 30 percent. You obtain a 1 percent reduction for each and every 1000 KCS you hold on your KuCoin wallet.

Limited Regulation: KuCoin doesn’t claim to be regulated by any reputable regulatory agencies, although users must still complete KYC/AML verification to handle fiat currency on the platform.

Available Worldwide: KuCoin is available in about 200 countries worldwide, which basically covers the entire world except for sanctioned countries.

Pool-X Staking: KuCoin has a proof of stake mining pool called Pool-X where you can lockup cryptocurrencies to earn rewards.

Other KuCoin Shares (KCS) Bonuses Available: KuCoin distributes 90% of its trading fee revenue back to users. You can earn money on KuCoin through referral bonuses, for example.

KuCoin Currencies and Pairs

According to Coinmarketcap, KuCoin has more than 250 active trading pairs. We find that hard to believe, but it shows just how many cryptocurrencies have been supported by KuCoin at one point or another. In addition to major cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, NEO, and XRP, you can find lesser-known cryptocurrencies like Ankr (ANKR), Dent (DENT), carVertical (CV), and SophaTX (SPHTX).

KuCoin Supported Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

KuCoin requires you to complete 2FA verification before depositing funds into your account. Once you’ve completed 2FA verification, you can deposit virtually any supported cryptocurrencies into your account, including popular cryptocurrencies and lesser-known options. KuCoin gives you a wallet for all tradeable cryptocurrencies on its platform. In 2019, KuCoin announced it would begin supporting instant USD deposits and withdrawals, although you need to use the KuCoin app. Visa and Mastercard deposits are also supported.

KuCoin Registration and Login Process

KuCoin has a straightforward registration and login process. You can access your account immediately after confirming your email address. To deposit funds into your account, you before all else need to set up two-factor authentication (2FA). You can start trading once funds are in your account with no KYC or AML verification required (there’s a 2 BTC per day withdrawal limit for unverified accounts, but that’s the only restriction).

KuCoin Trading

KuCoin has a simple, straightforward trading interface similar to most other exchanges on the internet today. You can make limit, store, stop limit, and stop store orders, among other trade types. Choose from one of the hundreds of different cryptocurrency pairs listed on the platform, then purchase or sell. You can also trade perpetual futures contracts (BTC/USD) on the platform’s KuMEX exchange.

KuCoin Fees

KuCoin doesn’t utilize the equal maker/taker version found in additional crypto exchanges, nor will the foreign exchange offer volume-based trading commission discounts. As an alternative, KuCoin charges a predetermined 0.1% commission to both parties to get all trades created this stage. Deposits are liberated, and also for some withdrawals, you merely pay the system fee (that the BTC withdrawal fee will be 0.0005, as an example).

  • Trading Fees: 0.1percent
  • Deposit Fees: Free
  • BTC Withdrawal Fee: 0.0005 BTC
  • LTC Withdrawal Fee: 0.001 LTC
  • ETH Withdrawal Fee: 0.01 ETH
  • Trading Fee Discounts: 1 percent reduction for each 1000 KCS held on your pocket (max 30% reduction )

KuCoin Security Issues and Downtime

KuCoin started in August 20 17 and it has no publicly-disclosed security matters, hacks, or data breaches after all launching. Yes, even KuCoin is relatively fresh, but 2.5 decades of forex history is not anything to joke around. KuCoin seemingly possess strong security procedures set up. In March 2019,” KuCoin’s CEO Michael Gan issued a mysterious tweet saying that the foreign exchange had been “trying to recover the stolen shares ” later other trades were murdered. Some translated this message for an entrance that KuCoin was murdered, also there is a quick frenzy at the KuCoin community. Nevertheless, the market later affirmed it had been crushed, and they were only attempting to recover stolen shares with respect to their different exchanges.

KuCoin Ease of Use

KuCoin is user friendly for anybody comfortable with a traditional interface. In the event you’re on the lookout to get a Coinbase-style immediate purchase option, yet, then KuCoin may possibly perhaps not be the ideal pick for you personally. All trades are created in a traditional exchange interface together with graphs and charts displaying the market present order book. KuCoin’s graph displays are marginally harder and information-packed compared to the typical crypto market, which may make matters confusing.

KuCoin Trust and Privacy

KuCoin is private about all areas of its own operations. We understand the market relies in Hong Kong and has been set by a set of block-chain technology pros, but about this. The KuCoin white paper summarizes basic particulars about the heritage group, which comprises Michael Gan (CEO), Eric Don (COO), and also Top Lan (CTO), amongst others. This amazing, however, the absence of regulatory supervision is slightly concerning.

KuCoin Customer Service

KuCoin has a client support center with service accessible in English, Russian, Turkish, and Chinese. It is possible to navigate through a set of FAQs and common support requests. Or you could submit a petition via internet form. KuCoin doesn’t need a tollfree telephone phone number or customer service email you may use to speak to the corporation. KuCoin asserts their service team is available twenty-four hours a day.

KuCoin User Guide: How to Setup and Use KuCoin

KuCoin has a straightforward registration procedure. Within a few minutes, it is possible to enroll to your market and produce your before all else trade. This just how to complete it.

1. Subscribe Up

First, subscribe to KuCoin by seeing KuCoin.com and click on the ‘Sign Up’ button again.

You are able to register with a message address. For those who get a Chinese phone, yet, you then might also register with only your phone.

2. Verification

Enter your current email address or contact number, and then click on the ‘Send Code’. KuCoin will send you a message or text having a confirmation code. You’ve got 60 minutes to input that code to proceed with the next measure.


At the alternative, you’ll be a demand to put in your password. Now, you’ve officially enrolled to your market.

KuCoin isn’t governed by almost any significant company, therefore no additional confirmation must begin making trades onto this stage. Being an unverified account, you get a 24hour maximum withdrawal limitation of two BTC, however the sole limitation.


By completing KYC affirmation (publishing your government ID), you could avert that withdrawal limitation. Completing KYC also makes it possible to regain your accounts if you shed access.


You are able to complete confirmation anytime simply by heading to a KuCoin.com/accounts page.

3. Two Factor Authentication

Before making cash in to the stage, you’ll want to accomplish two-factor authentication (2FA) with SMS or even Google Authenticator.

You also ought to establish your password.

4. Payment Method

Once you’ve completed two-factor authentication, you are able to deposit funds to your accounts. It is possible to deposit funds with bank transfers or BTC. KuCoin additionally enables you to purchase crypto with a Visa or Mastercard credit card.


You may additionally deposit USD in your account together with the KuCoin cellular program for iOS or Android

5. Trading Cryptocurrency


When currency is on your accounts, you could click ‘Markets’ to view available trading marketplaces. Click any one of these pairs that are available to see graphs, order books, and trading history for that specific pair.


As you may see, that the KuCoin trading screen will be a small mess in contrast to additional cryptocurrency exchanges. There’s a lot of store information displayed in your screen automatically, for example advice regarding different trading currencies on the left side of this screen. Luckily, you can personalize

With the trading monies, you’re able to earn limitation, store, stop limit, and prevent store orders.

6. Forex and Leveraged Trading KuCoin’s KuMEX Exchange

KuCoin has additional trading options out there. Click ‘Contracts’ from the menu bar to be obtained towards the KuMEX futures exchange. Click ‘Enable Contract Trading’ to begin investing in futures. You might need to simply accept terms and requirements. Following that, you should begin placing orders instantly up to 10x leverage.


Currently, KuMEX simply offers one futures-contract: the miniature endless contract (XBTUSD Mini).

If you’ve not achieved futures and need to know more, KuMEX offers a sandbox in which you are able to create simulated trades. Tutorials can also be available directly from the KuMEX trading screen.

7. Withdrawal

Click your ‘Assets’ tab afterward ‘Withdrawal’ to draw funds from the KuCoin account.


Select the token you prefer to draw, adding the speech you prefer to draw it to. You want to enter your own trading account and comprehensive 2FA confirmation.


If you anticipate using this particular withdrawal speech usually, then it’s possible to add it being a customary speech.


Withdrawals are processed over half an hour. Bigger withdrawals (a lot more than 100,000 times larger compared to the handling fee) will be processed. Various Teams have distinct withdrawal fees, even though KuCoin’s prices are competitive.

Final Word

KuCoin is really a Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency market with minimal regulatory supervision. The market offers tens of thousands of cryptocurrency pairs, for example major cryptocurrencies and smaller, more lesser-known options.

Users may also trade futures through KuCoin’s KuMEX market. It’s possible to begin to make trades on KuCoin the moment you verify your current email and deposit funds in to the stage. No longer KYC affirmation is needed if you don’t would like to draw more than two BTC every day from this stage.

If you would like to anonymously trade a huge selection of distinct cryptocurrencies in a stage using minimal regulatory supervision and also a superb investment model, subsequently KuCoin is actually a fantastic option.