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Lolli bitcoin rewards program empowers users to get paid free when shopping for online. Let’s review just how many used crypto cashback reward options on earthworks.

In its simplest sense, could be looked at as an electronic digital rewards platform (versus and old school immediate voucher machine) which enables its users to earn their own and utilize whenever they shop on the web. The business has teamed up with 750 of those environment finest brands to help them optimize their conversions and sales. In this aspect, it bears mentioning that anytime that the person shops with among Lolli’s internet spouses, both parties obtain a tiny cut from every sale. This erstwhile minimal percent will be farther breach with all the buyers at the kind of Bitcoin.

Lolli, that officially launched August 22, 2018, is currently on the ‘stacking sats’ train, recently shared with the stats on its own growing user base to express they provide users all users of their Chrome and Firefox compatible Lolli rewards browser plug-in program a mean of 7 percent back at no cost .

As matters stand now, buying/selling Bitcoin isn’t so simple of an activity, notably in some specific states where owning digital money was barred completely (like India, China). But with cryptocurrencies gaining much mainstream traction throughout the previous decade or so, it appears as if a growing amount of folks are considering acquiring established electronic monies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP.

Since the advent of this decade, the internet shopping is now a very popular activity among online users all around the planet. In this aspect, Lolli functions like a bridge that can’t just enable users are aware of the several possibilities that online shopping brings to the table however additionally, it permits them to obtain their practical Bitcoin without needing to experience a few legal hoops.

Simply put the allure to get paid free for shopping on the Internet to what you’re going to purchase sounds like an intelligent, credible and viable option to research worth. Let’s offer a firsthand user manual experience on the way a Lolli crypto cashback rewards program works that will assist you to get straight back to your own purchases.

What is Lolli? A Closer Look at the Bitcoin Rewards App

What is Lolli

As mentioned before, the Lolli platform is a rewards browser expansion that may be utilised by internet shoppers to earn BTC for every single deal they ease by any of their provider 750 retailer spouses. In addition, for every single sale, Lolli gets a predetermined proportion of this MRP that’s dependent on the participating retailer. But, rather than keeping the whole cut itself, Lolli stocks a little this bounty having its own users (that will be provided for them at the kind of Bitcoin.)

To take advantage of the ceremony, all you’ve got to do is head into the state company web site and download the Lolli browser expansion. Once done, customers may move to visit and go at any given of their provider business affiliates after all the above extension mechanically does the needful then (considering the fact that the buy involved is qualified to receive BTC yields ). After a deal was completed, Lolli maintains a tab on the buy and ship the associated number into the users’ wallet.


In order for a person to qualify for Lolli’s rewards program, he/she needs to facilitate their buy solely through the Lolli shopping extension. and not via any other browser apps, coupon site, savings application, or another cashback program. In addition to this, a few merchants choose not to provide their users with any BTC rewards if they make use of an internal coupon code in conjunction with Lolli’s shopping extension module.

Exclusions of the above-mentioned sort are left solely to the discretion of the participating merchant and thus the terms and conditions are subject to change at any given time.

Purpose and Ease of Use: Important information worth bearing in mind

how loilli bitcoin rewards work

Limited Support: At the time of writing this article, Lolli is supported only by Google Chrome and Firefox. However, it is stated on the official company website that other browsers (such as Brave, Opera) will also be able to support Lolli purchases in the near future.

No Apple/Mac/Safari Integration: It is worth mentioning that Lolli was previously supported by Apple’s Safari web browser, however, due to changes made to the company’s terms of services recently, the extension can no longer be used in conjunction with the browser.

No Mobile App: As things stand, Lolli does not have a mobile app that is used by its user base. However, as per a recent blog post, the company’s core dev team is working on releasing a native mobile app sometime within the next 6-12 months.

Only Available in the United States: A major downside to using Lolli is that it is only available for use in the United States at the moment. However, users with sufficient digital prowess can make use of VPNs and other similar digital avenues to bypass any such limitations.

Key Terms Worth Noting

lolli bitcoin shopping profits

Bitcoin: As many of our readers may already be well aware of, Bitcoin is a digital currency that has become extremely popular over the past decade due to its ability to not only serve as a long-term store-of-value but also as an efficient deal medium. Also, because Bitcoin is decentralized, no single government entity can control the currency.

Sats: Also referred to as Satoshi, Sats is thought of as a basic unit of currency that is one hundred millionth of a single bitcoin (0.00000001 BTC).

Bitcoin Back: Bitcoin Back is a term that is commonly used when referring to rewards that are earned by users when they make use of Lolli (to facilitate their online purchases.)

HODL: HODL is a slang that is commonly used by members of the global Bitcoin community for holding bitcoin rather than selling it.

Is Lolli Safe to Use?

lolli cash back reward system

According to the company dev community, Lolli makes use of a highly secure framework that ensures customer funds remain safe at all times. However, when facilitating third-party wallet transfers, users should ensure that their money is accounted for at all times. From a data privacy standpoint, Lolli’s website makes it abundantly clear that it does not track its user’s web movements, instead, the company only acquires certain data related to its merchant affiliates. Additionally, Lolli does not sell one’s personally identifiable data – a practice that has become commonplace these days, even with established companies.

Alex Adelman, who is the Lolli CEO and co-founder (Matt Senter also co-founder), also announced on Yahoo Finance back in July 2019 that the crypto rewards platform will be issuing a bitcoin-backed card for users to have in the future as well.

Lastly, it should also be pointed out that in case a user accidentally loses access to his/her wallet or account information, they can easily retrieve their holdings by using the restore function embedded in the Lolli website. The entire process is quite streamlined and is completed within a matter of minutes.

How Does the Lolli Reward System Work?

The rewards system used by Lolli is quite straightforward and easy to use. For example, as soon as a merchant confirms a buy, Lolli’s PR team sends an email to the customer informing them of their estimated rewards and when to expect them. However, the entire process can take a little bit of time (typically between 30-90 days after the date of initial buy ) because each associated deal has to be independently verified by Lolli’s retail partners. Not only that, even the estimated reward sum is not final and is subject to change because of value fluctuations.


Lastly, it needs to be pointed out once Lolli receives confirmation from a merchant that a deal is complete, users are sent an automated email that clearly delineates the rewards that should be expected in the near future. The estimated balance can also be viewed in one’s shipping history (which is found on one’s browser toolbar beneath the wallet option.)

Getting signed up is very easy to do with Lolli cashback shopping app:

  1. install the Lolli web browser extension app
  2. shop the web with anyone of the partner stores
  3. earn bitcoin on your online purchases fast and easy


Some Key Points Worth Bearing in Mind

Here are a few basic concepts to keep in mind when using the bitcoin back service:

(i) Value Fluctuations are to be Expected: When one makes use of Lolli to facilitate their online purchases, participating merchants provide their users with an estimated BTC reward that they can expect. However, this value is just an estimate and is subject to various monetary fluctuations because of BTCs volatile nature. However, once a buy has been validated by a seller, the BTC reward value is locked in irrespective of any external monetary changes taking place.

(ii) Promotional Events: Crypto enthusiasts looking to make some BTC on the side have the option of participating in one of Lolli’s many promotional events that routinely come to pass via the company’s official Twitter handle. Not only that, but the company also has its native referral system that pays participants to rope in new recruits.

(iii) Withdrawals: To move one’s earned crypto from Lolli’s native wallet to a third party storage solution, users need to own a minimum BTC balance of $15. Additionally, there is also a lock-in period of around 30-90 days that users have to bear with in order to gain access to their rewards.

(iv) Fee Rates: To facilitate a USD transfer on Lolli, users have to pay a small Tx fee of around $0.25. However, bitcoin transfers are free and users need to only pay the associated gas fee associated with the deal in question.

The earn bitcoin rewards back while shopping app is based in New York, NY with their app developer in Durham, North Carolina.

What makes Lolli Different from the Rest?

lolli bitcoin rewards app features

The number one way to differentiate yourself when it comes to offering cashback shopping rewards is to have a multitude of partners and relationships. That is why the Lolli app is the most-known and used bitcoin shopping rewards offered in the crypto ecosystem.

One of the key features of Lolli offering bitcoin back rewards is that its list of retail partners seems to be growing on an almost daily basis. For example, the online shopping firm currently has over 750 affiliates – all of whom provide their patrons with varying crypto rewards. Additionally, any retail vendors who might be interested in partnering with Lolli can simply shoot an email to [email protected]

Similar details worth bearing in mind:

Excellent Customer Support: Lolli provides its clients with round the clock support. For any assistance, users can email the firm at [email protected]

Growing Community Base: Lolli’s online presence has grown quite tremendously over the last couple of years. As a result of this, the company’s digital community has flourished. In order to become part of the Lolli family, users can either choose to join the firm’s Facebook community, follow it’s Twitter page or even apply directly to the company by filling out the relevant application form available on the website.

Ease of Use and Overall Accessibility: When compared to a number of other crypto-based shopping portals, Lolli is quite straightforward and easy to use. Neither does the website make use of any technical jargon nor does it feature any difficult tx mechanisms to facilitate one’s monetary transactions.

Trust: Lolli e-commerce shopping system has a number of excellent reviews online and has been verified by a number of independent shoppers who claim that the application works as advertised. With that being said, there are a few people who have claimed that they never received the BTC rewards that they were promised.

Let’s take a look at the growing list of Lolli bitcoin shopping partners to see how to fulfill their “sats straight back cashback” motto.

List of Lolli Reward App Partners to Earn Free Bitcoin

Here is a list of the biggest names of online stores you can shop at to earn free bitcoin in exchange for downloading and installing the risk-free Lolli crypto rewards app:


  • Nike / Adidas / Macy’s / Walmart / Samsung / Best Buy
  • Eaze cannabis delivery service
  • Saks Fifth Avenue / Sephora / Bloomingdale’s
  • GoDaddy / Glossier / Groupon /
  • Albertsons / Safeway / Sam’s Club
  • Office Depot and OfficeMax / H&R Block
  • / Priceline / Hotwire / CheapOair
  • Hilton / Marriott
  • Old Navy / Toms / Lululemon
  • Caviar / Moosejaw / The Children’s Place
  • ASOS / Petco / Postmates
  • Udemy / goTenna
  • 1-800-Flowers
  • and SO many more

As any online shopper can see, the Lolli list of places to earn bitcoin back rewards is impressive and as one customer put it:

“If that keeps going, everything I bought using is liberated. ”

What do you guys think? Should you passively stack sats using Lolli’s BTC back loyalty program?



In closing out this Lolli review, it should be made clear that even though the online bitcoin shopping app seems to be quite safe and secure on the outside, the fact that the platform makes use of cold wallets to store its clients’ money usually means there was obviously a possibility that some hackers might attempt to break in the platform. While Lolli is still an emerging adoption catalyst at the business, that was recently recorded on CNBC’s 2019 Upstart 100 List, the last choice always rests at the hands of an individual and so it’s their own authority to be certain their rewards stay safe at all moments. The incentives for internet shoppers to obtain completely free beforehand for buying goods on the Internet will go on to rise whilst the crypto ecosystem evolves into mainstream usage cases.

As far as the Lolli ‘Earn Bitcoin When You Shop’ rewards program is involved, it could be smart for anybody who buys items on the web at any one of those stores it works together with to spend less and receive free straight back as their assignment of earning more accessible to this world is on its own strategy.