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Modum is a supply-chain system which incorporates Blockchain engineering, smart sensory and contracts apparatus into one, passive alternative. This integrative solution intends to improve information integrity across the whole distribution chain. (Read too: Beginner’s Guide into ICO Purchasing: How to Take Part in ICOs) Software
Modum’s first focus will be to the pharmaceutical sector, in which current regulatory changes from the European Union demands evidence that sent medicinal compounds have yet to be subjected to conditions (especially temperature) which may have jeopardized their quality. This, thus, requires costly processes to transfer medicinal products. In more technical terms, pharmaceutical firms need to employ costly temperature-stabilized containers and trucks through 3 rd party logistics suppliers to transport medication.

Modum delivers the first remedy to substantially decrease these prices, by incorporating a temperature detector into medicinal imports to track its temperature. All data is listed to the Ethereum blockchain, ensuring complete transparency, accountability and information integrity. When there’s a temperature deviation at any stage throughout the full procedure, that the sender/receiver will find a notification to notify them of this anomaly. This signifies a cost-effective method of tracking temperature changes across the medicinal supply series.
From the long term, Modum’s long-term plan is to supply a platform for information integrity utilizing innovative IoT technologies to track each the requirements that influence physical goods while in transportation. They are interested in tracking a broad assortment of environmental factors from light, moisture, immersion, and audio to substance exposure and particular levels or accounts demanded.

Unique Differentiator
Decision First-Mover Advantage: Modum intends are the very first integrated solution from the pharmaceutical supply-chain area. There’s a true demand to get a low-cost alternative that extracts precious information pertaining to medicinal transport that’s tamper-free, passive and transparent. Modum’s possible target section could be 60 percent of their estimated 200 million imports listed in 2016
* Wide-Range of Software: At the long term, Modum intends to extend the use of its technologies by incorporating extra sensors that monitor not only temperature but also moisture, humidity, light and other environmental factors. This enables Modum to venture to the supply-chains of Different markets and industries readily
* Use of Blockchains/Smart Contracts: The usage of Blockchain inside the pharma supply-chain is a fantastic use-case, particularly in a market that’s highly controlled. Modum’s answer records ecological conditions a medicinal bundle was subjected to by the onset of its delivery towards the conclusion, ensuring information integrity and immutability. This passive approach makes fulfilling regulatory demands exceptionally simple and efficient.The utilization of intelligent contracts functions as a auditing and compliance purpose that guarantees quality assurance tasked with regulations along with customer gratification. Bright contracts also permit reflective parameters to be conceived and implemented over the blockchain, making sure that the detection of any anomalies which may affect the quality of the Medication
This usually means that the worth of this MOD market is directly connected to the perceived price of their provider in addition to anticipated earnings each token. MOD Assets are ERC20-compliant Assets and therefore so are similar in features to stocks of a provider.

* Dividend Resource: MOD holders could be conferred dividends based on the fiscal performance of Modum’s company, which could be established by Modum’s Board of Managers (BODs).
It’s very important to be aware that frozen (escrowed) tokens don’t have votes or profit-sharing rights.

Team Modum is evidenced with their present CEO, Simon Dssegger, also a mechanical engineer by trade, and it has held a mature goods and technology management function in GoPro. Their development group is full of those who focus on sensory gear, Internet-of-things (IOT) and also blockchain engineering.
Modum has a remarkable collection of powerful advisors from the pharmaceutical, investment banking business and computing market.
Modum has a previous track record because 2016, together with numerous pilot evaluations being done on its own technologies. There’s a total of 3 pilots (evaluations of the technologies ) that contains:
* Pilot 1.0: Immediately monitored the temperature of the majority of shipments, together with 10,000 data points listed by their apparatus. The pilot highlighted key Regions of progress that comprised faster data rates, better apparatus connectivity using mobile programs and creating a dashboard for information analytics
* Pilot 2.0: inexpensively tracked imports involving a wholesaler and many pharmacies and clinics where dispatch volumes have been scaled up by a single order of size. All improvement places from 1.0 have been introduced and analyzed
* Pilot 3.0: 2 stages have been conducted; at the very first stage, Client processes was stabilized and implemented. At the next stage, additional attempts and the whole period of the temperature information read-out procedure was measured. Modum easily surpassed the goals in leading style, attaining a Normal readout of just eight minutes for 100 percent of their shipments (the target was 95 percent of readouts over 30 seconds)

Decision Modum is currently creating the first creation of the detector hardware in partnership with Variosystems an Swiss hardware maker ( Link )
* Modum will go into the marketplace in the winter 2017, using lots of partnerships still penalized. The formal statements will come after this season
Modum has engaged in various startup contests since its beginning at 2016, winning money prizes and bringing crucial advice and mentorship from notable entities. They even took 1 st place at the “Future and Emerging Technologies perpendicular of their Kickstart Accelerator 2016”, hammering 850 additional jobs from 40 states and carrying home a commendable CHF 25,000. Roadmap Ahead
Instead, they ‘re also trying to research integration with Different blockchains which contains IOTA, NEO, Fabric, ETC or even Rootstock

The whole Modum program will be sent in a completely decentralized structure
Modum increased a standard USD13.5 million in its own ICO and totaled about 17 million MOD exemptions, later providing a 30% bonus to the initial 6 million exemptions and another 15 percent over the subsequent 6 million.

What’s good about the Modum’s nominal economics is all that its circulating distribution is reduced, and consequently has great potential to exponentially grow in worth. Given that just 17 million from those allocated 20 million MOD (tough cap) were its greatest totally distribution is diminished by 30 million to about 27.2 million MODS. Add it to the fact that their market capitalization is at $37 million USD, I’d opine they have a whole lot more space to expand awarded the success of the pilot evaluations and the rewarding pharma marketplace they’re attempting to get into.

Modum’s particular advantage over these opponents is they have focused on a particular, market-driven use instance so as to join the industry quickly and efficiently. They’re focused on employing our technologies to be used in pharma supply so as to help providers and producers fulfill the updated regulations set out in the fantastic Distribution Practice of Medicinal Products for Human Use. Strengths
* Compelling Business Case: Even though Modum’s goals are the Blockchain pioneer at the supply-chain world, they deliberately decided to concentrate on Pharma sector as their first focus on account of the compelling requirements of the sector for a workable improvement alternative. However, what’s good about this approach is that the standards and prerequisites of handling the Pharma industry produce a viable precedent for both use-cases in different sectors. Additionally, Modum’s answer simplifies a pertinent, company need
Decision Blockchain Agnostic: Though Modum is developed in addition to this Ethereum Blockchain, it’s now testing integrations with different Blockchains to enlarge its software and to prevent dependence on a single stage.
* Broad Software: The pharma market is simply the very first use-case to get Modum’s technologies, and provided that Modum intends to expand their monitoring sensors by incorporating other ecological factors (e.g. mild, humidity, and acceleration) provides them an advantage in entering supply-chains in different sectors. This may open up different niches for Modum for potential growth
* Promising Track Record: Modum has experienced successful pilot evaluations of its integrated technologies, with every sequential evaluation churning better outcomes. Their Final pilot evaluations attained a typical readout of 8 minutes to get 100 percent of their imports, that blew off the clients objective of 95 percent readouts over 30 seconds

* Reduced Coin Supply: MOD’s coin distribution is fixed in 30 million, together with 17.36 now in circulation. Since the company value of Modum raises, the value of MOD Assets will even increase since it’s endorsed by Modum’s earnings. And contemplating MOD’s distribution is repaired, its worth increases with time since it’s a deflationary token
The rescinding of the regulations could undermine Modum’s benefit of price efficiency. But, this seems unlikely because the regulations from the USA pertaining to medicinal products will follow at a similar way

Modum is a company which owns a true product centered on solving a true company use-case. The usage of Blockchain technologies, smart sensory and contracts apparatus enables Modum to really have a primary mover’s benefit offering one, integrated supply-chain alternative that’s nicely placed against current business practices since it supplies a passive tracking option.

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