How To Use, Trade and Sign Up to xCoins Exchange

XCoins, found online at, is a financing and purchasing stage. Figure out whether xCoins is legit now inside our X Coins review and user-friendly guide to determine when this is a secure and beneficial means to obtain immediately.


  • Borrow immediately
  • Lend to Make attention
  • Operating easily after all 2016

Deposit Methods

  • Debit Cards
  • Bank transfers (ACH)
  • E-checks
  • PayPal Credit
  • PayPal Balance
  • Credit Cards (Visa and MasterCard)


  • Buy bitcoin using PayPal accounts or PayPal credits
  • Buy bitcoin Working with all Significant credit cards
  • 50% benefit assurance for creditors


  • 15 percent to 20% charges for debtors (comprises interest )
  • Limited transparency to your firm
  • May not necessarily be able to join with a creditor

Introduction, maybe not to be mistaken with, is a lending platform which allows you to lend bit-coins. The stage makes it effortless to borrow bit-coins immediately using charge cards and different traditional payment procedures.

Because X Coins is a bonded lending stage, borrowers must pledge something as collateral to that loan. enjoy a mortgage or auto loan, the debtor provides the lender some kind of security all through the bank loan. In cases like this, the debtor provides the creditor USD in trade for BTC.

One of the distinctive reasons for X Coins is you can purchase s using PayPal. Back 2016, X Coins was clearly one of those very few platforms at which you are able to purchase with PayPal. X Coins additionally supports all significant charge cards along with other payment procedures.

Typically, purchasing using PayPal is hard because of the possibility of a chargeback. X Coins has discovered a means to get around that, though, since the corporation doesn’t technically sell you bitcoin: it just lends you bitcoin. You connect with a lender, send money to that lender’s PayPal, then the lender sends you bitcoin.


The xCoins lending process is somewhere medially a sale and a loan. To start, the buyer will state how many bitcoins to buy. The buyer will complete the ID verification process, then deposit the USD equivalent of the borrowed amount. The buyer will also need to add a credit card or PayPal processing fees and a fixed amount of money that acts as interest on the loan.

Because of this unique lending structure, xCoins doesn’t formally bill continuing attention in the bank loan. The interest has been already built as a onetime fee. Nevertheless, the overall fees for buying with X Coins have a tendency to mount more than 20 percent, and that means that you ‘re undoubtedly paying reduced for X Coins regardless.

After choosing a ‘loan’ using X Coins, you’re able to pay back the loan at any opportunity to obtain your USD deposit without the penalties. You have to go back the USD equivalent of this you’ve got. In the event that you borrowed 1 BTC if BTC was $10,000, as an instance, after which BTC climbed to $20,000, you then just have to reunite 0.5 BTC (that the USD quantity is the similarly ).


xCoins also enables you to give s throughout the platform. As a creditor, you select just how a lot of you really eager to give in USD, subsequently deposit that amount to your X Coins account. X Coins will mechanically set you with all buyers (borrowers), and also the ones debtors deposit cash into your PayPal account.


xCoins is additionally one of those very few financing systems offering a benefit margin warranty. X Coins will guarantee benefit to creditors. When for any comprehension, a creditor ‘s benefit margin drops underneath 50 percent on financing, subsequently xCoins will refund the creditor the gap to obtain straight back to partially a 50% benefit margin.


xCoins is a privately held company based on April 1, 2016, at Santa Monica, United States. The business has four enrolled employees, headed by creator Sergey Nikitin. Besides these standard details, we’ve limited advice concerning who’s conducting the organization or the way the business works. A few of sponsored media announcements are published on the web, however, about this. The Business works under the title Aspect Intl, Inc.

Key Features

Key attributes of X Coins comprise:

Buy Bitcoin using PayPal: X Coins was among the before all else stages to allow you to safely and readily purchase using PayPal. Before X Coins, purchasing using PayPal was difficult due to the possibility of a chargeback. You are able to purchase through X Coins directly together with your PayPal charge or PayPal balance.

Buy Bitcoin using Debit Cards and Bank Transfers: X Coins supports bank card purchases and bank transfers via ACH.

Pay with Credit Cards: X Coins accepts credit card payments via PayPal.


Simple Fee Structure: Many lending systems have complex overhead arrangements or ridiculously high prices. X Coins, meanwhile, features a very simple fee structure built right into the bank loan. It’s simple to realize just how a lot of you really paying to get the purchased upfront.

Make Money by the Bitcoin: If you would like to create money from, then it’s possible to register to your stage for being a lender. Deposit the volume you would like to donate, subsequently await X Coins to suit you with buyers.

Buy Bitcoin at Minutes: Many trades allow you to wait weeks to confirm your identity and purchase for first time. X Coins, meanwhile, works otherwise, permitting you to obtain your inside a few minutes.

P2P Marketplace: Similar to LocalBitcoins, xCoins enables you to navigate a market place full of creditors offering their own services. The lending market place is competitive, but lending prices won’t drop underneath 15 percent.

xCoins Wallet: X Coins features an integrated pocket which enables you to fast receive, then pay it straight from the pocket.

Controls for Price Fluctuations: What happens when the amount of BTC extends down or up throughout the Mortgage? Loans are always denominated in USD. In the event that you borrowed 1 BTC at $10,000, however, the amount tag on has become $20,000, you then just have to reunite the identical USD number of BTC, that is 0.5 BTC ($10,000).

Automated System: Comparable internet sites like LocalBitcoins require sellers and buyers to perform the trade by hand using a variety of techniques (determined by the client or seller). Together with X Coins, this procedure is automated. X Coins monitors user obligations and releases s for your own buyer/borrower.

Lend as little as $20 of all Bitcoin: X Coins enables you to obtain started with less than $20. You overlook ‘t have to deposit a significant sum of money to start earning money on your crypto holdings.

Profit Margin Guarantee: xCoins has a benefit margin guarantee. XCoins claims to be the only investment platform that guarantees a benefit. If the benefit margin falls underneath 50% for lenders, then xCoins will reimburse the difference to obtain you back to partially 50% benefit margins.

Easy Loan Repayment: xCoins makes it easy to repay the loan. Just contact the lender whenever you’re ready to repay the loan. Then, transfer the amount of bitcoin back to his or her bitcoin wallet. Then, the lender will make a payment to your PayPal account. The borrower is required to pay all processing fees and bank transfer fees.

25,000 Customers: Since being founded in 2016, xCoins has served 25,000 customers in 40 countries worldwide.

xCoins Currencies and Pairs

xCoins only deals with bitcoin (BTC) and the United States Dollars (USD). There are no other fiat currencies or cryptocurrencies supported on the platform.

xCoins Supported Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

xCoins supports debit cards, credit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers (via ACH). Most transfers are done using PayPal (including PayPal credits or your PayPal balance). You transfer money directly to the lender through these methods. The lender, meanwhile, deposits BTC into xCoins. xCoins does not hold USD.

xCoins Registration and Login Process

xCoins has a straightforward registration and login process. Users must complete basic ID verification borrowing or lending money through the platform, including uploading a photo of you holding government-issued photo ID and a piece of paper with today’s date and ‘XCOINS’ written on it.

xCoins Trading

xCoins is a bitcoin lending platform that connects lenders with borrowers. All trades are done with BTC and USD.

xCoins Fees

You’ll pay average fees of 15% to 20% to purchase or borrow bitcoin with xCoins.

xCoins prominently advertises its “competitive prices “, claiming that lenders compete against one another to theoretically give you the best possible interest rate. In reality, xCoins does not allow lenders to set the fee underneath 15%. That’s a higher fee than the average bitcoin exchange.

Keep in mind that xCoins does not charge ongoing interest fees, so this 15% to 20% fee is the only fee charged by the platform, regardless of the borrowing period.

xCoins Security Issues and Downtime

xCoins generated controversy just a few months after launch. In December 2016, the platform was hacked, and users lost a significant amount of bitcoin from their xCoins wallets. It was never revealed whether the hack was an inside job or an external attack. However, xCoins appears to have fully reimbursed all users from the bitcoin hack.

xCoins Ease of Use

xCoins is straightforward to use. xCoins handles the borrowing process automatically, although it’s up to borrowers to contact lenders whenever they’re ready to repay the loan.

xCoins Trust and Privacy

xCoins has experienced no major, publicly-disclosed security breaches or data leaks. The company doesn’t disclose a lot of information regarding itself who are participating with the organization, also there’s limited transparency regarding X Coins overall.

xCoins Customer Service

xCoins isn’t overly transparent about its company information. However, the company does publish a customer service number, email address, and physical address:

  • Address: 1541 Ocean Ave., Suite 200, Santa Monica, CA 90401

xCoins also has a help desk available from 8 am to 5 pm PST Monday through Friday, excluding public holidays. Despite the lack of transparency from the company overall, the company seems to have decent customer service.

xCoins User Guide: How to Setup and Use xCoins

Setting up and using xCoins is similar to signing up for any crypto exchange or crypto lending platform. You conceive your account, verify your email, then complete identity verification.

1. Sign Up

Visit, then click the ‘Sign Up’ button in the top-right corner of the page.


Enter your before all else name, last name, and email. Your email will be your xCoins login.


2. Verification

You will receive an email address with a verification code. Copy that code, then paste it into the xCoins window.

At this point, you can also enter a promotional code or leave it blank.


Then, you’ll be demand to enter a password and select your country.

3. Two Factor Authentication

You will need to enter a phone number to verify your account via SMS or voice. Enter your telephone number, then click ‘Verify’. You’ll receive a call or text with the code.


4. ID Verification

xCoins requires users to verify their identity borrowing or lending bitcoin on the platform. The verification process is a little more intense than it is with a conventional exchange:

Step 1) However over your name in the top-right corner of the screen, then click ‘ID Verification’

Step 2) Write the word XCOINS and today’s date on a piece of paper or note

Step 3) Hold your ID and the note together, then take a selfie using your webcam or smartphone

Step 4) Upload the photo file

The name on the photo ID must match the name of the person making the payment.


Acceptable forms of ID include a federal or state ID card, a driver’s license, a passport, or other government-issued documents with your name and photo

5. Payment Method

After verifying your identification, you can deposit money into your xCoins wallet.


If you plan on lending bitcoin through xCoins, then you can deposit BTC into your xCoins bitcoin wallet. You will need to do this before connecting with a borrower.

If you plan on buying/borrowing bitcoin through xCoins, then you can transfer USD using PayPal, bank transfer, credit cards, or debit cards. You will only transfer money after matching with a lender.

To manage your holdings at any time, click ‘My Wallet’ from the top banner.

6. Borrowing or Lending Bitcoin

Once bitcoin has been deposited into your xCoins wallet, you can lend bitcoin to prospective borrowers. XCoins matches your offer with a borrower in need, then handles the deal for you. To begin the lending process, just click ‘Lend Bitcoin’ from the top menu.

If you are borrowing bitcoin, then you can click ‘Get Bitcoin’ from the top menu bar to obtain started. You will see a list of available bitcoin borrowing offers, including the total amount you can expect to pay for each, as well as the minimum and maximum amount available.

7. Withdrawal

To withdraw your bitcoin from xCoins at any time, go to ‘My Wallet’ at the top, then click ‘Withdraw Bitcoin’.

Alternatively, you can exchange your bitcoin for another cryptocurrency by clicking the ‘Trade Cryptocurrencies’ button. You will be redirected to a third-party exchange called Bitior to complete the deal.

Final Word

xCoins is a bitcoin borrowing and lending platform who looks to rival top competitors like BlockFi and Nexo. Borrowers can purchase bitcoin using unique payment options like PayPal, debit cards, credit cards, and bank transfers, paying total fees of 15% to 20% while borrowing bitcoin for any length of time.

Lenders, meanwhile, can earn interest on their bitcoin holdings. Just deposit bitcoin into xCoins, then earn interest when xCoins matches you with a borrower.

xCoins has been operating smoothly after all 2016. The site has a unique business model (especially with its benefit guarantee for lenders), but it seems to be a legitimate way for borrowers and lenders to interact with one another.